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Healthy Recipe-Healthy Ingredients

Bluefalo's Complete - Balanced Diet Formula - Sustainability

"We are the company that values the sustainability"

Whether it’s pets, the people who care for them, or the planet we share together, we has a long history of using science to transform lives. As our company has grown, so has our commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact in everything we do.


Investing in sustainable future

Global packaging (by weight) was recyclable 

Our ingredients

Our biology-based nutrition uses carefully selected, high-quality ingredients

Committed to zero waste

Program for zero wastekaging (by weight) was recyclable 


We’ve helped shelter pets find forever homes

Bluefalo uses 3 guiding philosophies

In our efforts to create a better world for future generations of pepets,

we make decisions based on three distinct principles:

Product Efficiencies & Supporting Economy

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

Helping the Planet for new generation


PLANET - Sustainable sourcing

Our goal is to integrate social, environmental, and ethical practices at every possible step. We consistently strive to improve efficiency with our suppliers to our manufacturing sites.

PET FOOD - Science-led ingredients

The biggest nutritional impacts start at the smallest level. Healthy digestion, strong bones, and a beautiful coat are all results of a carefully selected combination of ingredients and nutrients.

Each food is designed to be completely irresistible (as proven by our team of dogs and cats.

PEOPLE Working Environment

We firmly believe that all employees — regardless of their sexual or gender identity — deserve to feel welcome at work. And a workforce made up of people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and talents brings greater innovation and creativity, helps us understand our consumers, and makes it easier to hire and retain talent.

" Sustainable Development is about respect the environment, it will help our future generation"

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